Sharing content

In the meeting room, you can share content from a device (such as a laptop) with participants, for example, to show a PowerPoint presentation or share your desktop.

For Teams meetings, to share content, connect to the meeting using the Teams app on a laptop. For more information, see Sharing content using Teams.

Connect your device to the Teamline system and on the touchscreen controller during a call, tap share my PC screen:

Image showing the share my PC screen option

If enabled by your administrator, you can tap presentation help for assistance with connecting devices to the Teamline system.

Sharing content with Pronto

Pronto can be connected to devices (such as laptops) to share content and audio, and display current meetings on the Touch and room display, even if the room is not invited to the meeting. When connected to the device, Pronto detects active meetings in your Outlook calendar, then enables the Join now tile on the Touch to allow the room to join the meeting.

Connect Pronto to your device:

Image showing Pronto connected to a laptop

The first time you plug Pronto in, instructions are shown on the room display:

Image showing instructions on how to connect with Pronto

When the Pronto app is launched, the presentation source screen is shared to the room on the display and active meetings are displayed as a Join now tile on the Touch and on the room display. Future meetings in your Outlook calendar that start within the next 15 minutes are displayed on the Touch and are visible on the room display. On subsequent connections using Pronto, the app does not need to be launched and content and meetings are shared immediately with the room.

Sharing content using Screen Share

On Teamline 5140 systems, you can also present content using an HDMI-to-USB dongle, such as Logitech Screen Share. If you are using Logitech Screen Share to share content, you can present audio to meeting participants. Otherwise, audio is not shared from connected devices. To connect your device to the room, follow the manufacturer’s instructions specific to your device.

Sharing content using Miracast

If enabled by your administrator and supported on your Teamline system, you can use Miracast to share content in meetings. Before you use Miracast, ensure you check that:

  • Your device supports Miracast
  • Your video drivers support Miracast and are up-to-date
  • Your wireless network card supports Miracast
  • Your WiFi drivers are up-to-date

On Windows 10, press the Windows key + K. A list of available devices is displayed. Select the Teamline system from the list to start sharing your screen.

For instructions to use Miracast on Windows 8 and for troubleshooting information, go to the Microsoft Support Site at:

Sharing content using Skype for Business

To share content using Skype for Business:

  1. If you are not already connected, start a Skype for Business call with the account associated with the Teamline meeting room.
  2. When the call is accepted in the room on the touchscreen, click Share Content at the bottom of the Skype for Business window.
  3. Select the content you want to share (for example, your desktop or a PowerPoint file), then click Share.

For more information about sharing content using Skype for Business, refer to the Skype for Business support page .

If you are in the same room as the Teamline system, It is recommended that you mute the volume and microphone on your device while you present to prevent audio feedback.

Sharing content using Teams

To share content in Teams meetings, join the meeting using a laptop with the Teams app. Ensure you are not currently in the meeting and in Teams, click Join then click Audio off. You will join the meeting with all audio from your device muted to avoid feedback. You can then open the share tray to begin sharing content from your device. In this release, audio is not available for content sharing with Teams.

Sharing audio with the Teamline 5250 system

To send audio from a presentation source, connect the source audio out to the audio line-in on the system.


If you are unable to present content and the Share my PC screen option on the touchscreen is not functional, the meeting owner should check the Skype for Business Allowed Presenters option in Outlook for the meeting.

To allow other presenters for the meeting, the meeting owner can change the presenter option to the appropriate setting. In the Outlook calendar, open the meeting and click Meeting Options. In the Permissions window, set Who’s a presenter? to the applicable group or person.

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