To schedule a meeting, create a Skype for Business meeting in Outlook and invite the Teamline room account. This allows you to join the meeting using the join now tile on the touchscreen in the room.

To schedule a meeting:

  1. In Outlook, create a new meeting and click Add Skype meeting.
  2. Add the room as an invitee. If you don’t know the room’s address, search the global address list.
  3. Add other participants as required, and set the date, time, and other details for the meeting.
  4. Send the meeting request.

Joining a meeting

To join a scheduled meeting, tap the green join now tile on the touchscreen:

Image of the touchscreen with the join now tile displayed

This tile is displayed up to 10 minutes before meetings are scheduled to start.

If the meeting will occur more than 10 minutes from the current time, it is displayed in blue and cannot be joined yet:

Image showing upcoming meeting details tile on the touchscreen

Tap this tile to view a list of all scheduled meetings for the day in the meetings tab.

If two or more meetings are active at the same time, multiple room bookings is shown on the room display and the following tile is displayed on the touchscreen:

Image showing the Overlapping meetings tile on the touchscreen

Tap this tile to view the overlapping meetings in the meetings tab, then tap the tile for the meeting you want to join.

If there are no scheduled meetings for the day, a no meetings scheduled tile is displayed:

Image of the touchscreen tile when no meetings are scheduled

When a meeting is canceled, the meeting details are removed from the touchscreen and room display.

Other meeting types present in the room calendar (such as Outlook and Teams) are shown on the room display and on the touchscreen, but cannot be joined from the touchscreen.

Adding the room to a meeting

If a scheduled meeting is not displayed on the touchscreen and room display, the room may not have been invited to the meeting. To do this, in Outlook, forward the meeting to the room.