Using the Touch

The Teamline room system comes with a touchscreen controller called the Teamline Touch. In the room, you use the Touch to join meetings, view upcoming meetings, make and answer calls, control the meeting room camera, add or remove participants, and share content when in a call.

If you are using the Touch 2035 or 2036, please see the Teamline User Guide for the Touch 2036 and the Teamline Quick Start Guide for the Touch 2036. To identify your touchscreen version, the Touch 2035 and 2036 contains an integrated keypad and other controls on the front and a touchscreen:

Image of the Touch 2035

The Teamline Touch panel has a touchscreen only:

Image of the Teamline Touch

Some information displayed on the home screen (for example, speed dial tiles) and functionality can be customized by your administrator and may not be available on your touchscreen.

During a call, you can use the following features:

Switch the microphone on and off. The light is red when the microphone is off. If you are in a call and audio mute is on, participants do not receive audio from the meeting room microphone(s)

Switch the camera on and off. The light is red when the camera is off. If you are in a call and video mute is on, participants cannot see the video from the meeting room camera(s)

Display the touchscreen controller home screen
Decrease (-) or increase (+) audio volume. If you are not in a call, tap the home screen twice to display this control to adjust the volume of the ringer
Answer an incoming call, make a call, or open dialing options
End the current call

The Teamline Touch dimensions (in millimeters) are:

Graphic showing the dimensions of the Teamline Touch

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