Starting an unscheduled meeting

If outgoing calls have been enabled by your administrator, you can use the touchscreen to call a contact from the meeting room. On the Touch, you can dial numbers or enter an alphanumeric address (a URI) to call contacts, look up contacts in directories, and view recent callers to quickly locate someone to call them back.

Calling a contact from the home screen

On the Touch, tap call and use the keypad to dial a number or if configured by your administrator, tap a speed dial contact. For example:

Screeshot showing speed dial tiles on the Touch

Using call options

When you tap the call tile, call options are displayed:

Screenshot showing the call options on the Touch

From here, you can:

  • Tap the search or dial field and use the keyboard to either search for contacts in your organization or enter a URI (for example, <conference code>@<subdomain>, or an email address). When searching for contacts, you can use a question mark as a wildcard to replace characters. This can also be used to search for non-ASCII characters, for example, you can find Stanisław Łukasiński by typing ?ukasi?ski
  • If it has been enabled by your administrator, you tap a contact in the recent calls list. To clear the list, tap clear then clear all to confirm

The meetings tab displays a list of scheduled meetings for the day. For more information about joining scheduled meetings, see Scheduling and joining a meeting.

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