About the room display

The display in your meeting room provides a complete, at-a-glance summary of the day’s scheduled meetings. Room notifications list all current and upcoming meetings, and room availability. For example:

Image of an example meeting room display screen

The display also indicates if the microphone is muted in the room.

All meeting types (such as Skype for Business, and Outlook appointments) are listed on the room display. At the bottom of the display, the blue squares on the hourly schedule indicate the time(s) at which the room is booked.

The notifications on the right side of the display tell you:

  • The current meeting title
  • If meetings are back-to-back, the time of the next meeting. Otherwise, the time at which the room is next available is displayed
  • If the room is available now
  • If the room is available all day, when no meetings are scheduled
  • If two meetings are active at the same time, multiple room bookings is displayed

Depending on what has been configured by your administrator, either a gallery view (up to five participants are shown along the bottom) or speaker view (the current speaker only) is displayed during calls.

Standby mode

If enabled by your administrator, the display will go into standby mode after five minutes of inactivity. If camera standby has been enabled, the camera will move into privacy position and mute the microphone after one minute of inactivity.

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