Welcome to the new Maestro

Screenshot of the Maestro dashboard

This release introduces a redesigned user interface that contains all the functionality from the previous version of Maestro, and provides new features. For a tour of the new interface, watch the following video:

Navigation changes

At the top of the window, use the links in the banner to navigate through the Maestro site:

Maestro site top navigation bar

Click Rooms to view the meeting rooms in your organization and information about each room such as status, Teamline system and firmware version, and total number of calls. To add rooms, click Add Room at the top of the page. To view and edit room settings, click Manage (in grid view) or the room name (in list view) to view and configure room settings. Select a room then click the Remote Control tab to use the remote control feature if it has been enabled by Teamline.

Events information has moved from the bottom of the Meeting Rooms page in previous Maestro versions to the Events tab. Room settings that were previously in the Settings area of the Meetings Room page are now in the Settings tab page.

The Management heading contains further options in the drop-down list:

Screenshot showing the Management menu options

From here, you can add, edit, and delete locations, regions, certificates, the directory, users, roles, view all events for your organization, and use the new Room Backgrounds feature.

Call Records remains at the top of the window, and still shows active calls and the call history table for all rooms in your deployment

To log out of Maestro, click your user name then select Sign Out:

    Screenshot of the user drop-down list option

If email notifications have been enabled, options to configure notifications are now in the user drop-down menu.

Other interface enhancements

Some tasks are now presented in panels, for example:

Screenshot showing an example panel

Notifications and confirmations are temporarily displayed in the Maestro window when changes are made. For example:

Screenshot of an example of a notification

What’s new?

The following new features are available in this release:

  • Dashboard: the dashboard is displayed after you log in to Maestro, providing an overview of your organization at a glance
  • Add notes to rooms: you can add room notes to describe issues, important information, or any other text you want to display to users who have permission to view the room in Maestro
  • Custom backgrounds: you can upload and change the background image on room displays across your organization or region
  • Schedule firmware upgrades: on the room Settings page in the Firmware panel, you can schedule a date and time to upgrade the Teamline firmware
  • User roles have been further refined with permissions to view call records and audit history, and meeting room actions such as restarting the Teamline system
  • Online help now accessible in Maestro. Click your user name then select Help to launch the Teamline Knowledge Center
  • Link to submit a Support ticket. Click your user name then select Contact Support to send details to Teamline Support

More information

For more information about this beta version of Maestro, download a PDF version of the administrator guide here: Beta Maestro Administrator Guide

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