These release notes provide you with information about the latest upgrade to StarLeaf GTm. This release replaces GTm version 1.3.10, and is effective from July 2018.

Upgrading the GTm

To upgrade the GTm, refer to Managing the Teamline system.

New features in GTm 1.3.12

New meeting room screen

The meeting room screen has been redesigned to provide you with a complete overview about the day’s scheduled meetings. In-room notifications display all current and upcoming meetings, and room availability. For example:

This display now shows:

  • All meetings: in previous releases, the screen only displayed Skype for Business meetings. In this version, all meeting types are listed on the room screen and touchscreen
  • Room availability: at the bottom of the screen, blue squares indicate the time(s) at which the room is booked
  • Current and next meetings: the panels on the right list the current meeting, the time at which the room is next available, if the room is available now, the time of the next meeting, or if the room is available all day when no meetings are scheduled
  • Overlapping meetings: if two meetings are active at the same time, multiple room bookings is displayed on the screen. On the touchscreen, a green overlapping meetings message is shown

Touchscreen meeting display

You can now join meetings at any time, even before previous meetings are scheduled to end. On the homescreen, tap the meetings tab to view up to 30 meetings that start on the current day.

TV standby mode

If TV standby is enabled in Maestro, you can now select Black or DPMS Sleep (to turn outputs off then back on when it goes off standby) modes.

Sharing and receiving content

GTm now allows you to share and receive content during Skype for Business audio only calls.

Audio settings

On the GTm 5250, a new audio output setting is available in Maestro. The Output Device option now contains a Line-Out (Consumer) feature, allowing you to adjust audio output levels.

GTm Endpoint Control API

  • Hide picture-in-picture: the GTm Endpoint Control API now allows you to control picture-in-picture (PiP) settings. This can be used, for example, if you want to hide the row of video participants when viewing content on a single screen. The new pipaction allows you to switch PiP off or automatically use the PiP setting in the touchscreen
  • Screen layout: The layout action allows you to scroll through next or previous screen layouts during meetings

Issues resolved

Bug fixes effective in StarLeaf GTm version 1.3.12:

ID Description
17149 In previous releases, the GTm web interface was not accessible when the GTm had a 192.168.2.x IP address. GTm 1.3.12 fixes this issue

In the previous release, during GTm video meetings, if the call was changed to audio only in Skype for Business and was then changed back to video, the GTm did not restart video and remained in audio only. GTm 1.3.12 fixes this issue


In previous releases, if the GTm was added to a meeting by an audio user, the GTm did not send video and remained in audio mode only. GTm 1.3.12 fixes this issue

17328 In previous releases, if the API was used to fetch recent contacts on the GTm, the recent calls list was not updated until the GTm was restarted. GTm 1.3.12 fixes this issue
17382 In previous releases, the Bypass local addresses option was mislabeled when it was enabled and could not be unselected. GTm 1.3.12 fixes this issue
17643 In previous releases, if you used a proxy for a GTm, authentication with an empty password field failed. GTm 1.3.12 fixes this issue
17656 In the previous release, Logitech Brio with firmware version 2.0.17 could not be used with a GTm 5140. GTm 1.3.12 fixes this issue
17973 In previous releases, the camera_select action in the API did not increment the video state counter. GTm 1.3.12 fixes this issue