These release notes provide you with information about the latest upgrade to StarLeaf GTm. This is a feature release and is effective from April 2018.

Installation and documentation

Upgrading the GTm

To upgrade the GTm, refer to Managing the Teamline system.

New features in GTm 1.3.1

Windows 10 user interface settings

  • Customize presentation help: You can now override the default help text with suitable text so that users know what options are available for the connecting of their laptops and create a screen such as this:

    For more information about customizing this screen, refer to Meeting room management
  • Sharing content: Ability to choose a source for shared content from the touch panel

Conference layout

GTm now supports Speaker View. In a conference, you can choose between Speaker View and Gallery View on the touch panel.

Using Maestro, you can configure a default conference layout for each meeting room. For more information, refer to Meeting room management

Camera resolutions

The GTm now supports 1080p cameras. You can choose the camera resolution for the camera of each GTm in Maestro.

The setting for cameras already connected to a GTm will resolve to 720p60 or 720p50 as appropriate.

To configure the setting:

  1. In Maestro, find a meeting room and go to Manage > General > Edit.
  2. For Camera Mode, choose one of:
    • 720p50
    • 720p60
    • 1080p50
    • 1080p60

Self-view options

Maestro allows you to choose for how long the self view will display, by default, for each meeting room system.

This setting is available for GTm systems that are running GTm version 1.3.1 or later.

To configure the setting:

  1. In Maestro, find a meeting room and go to Manage > General > Edit.
  2. For Self View Mode, choose one of:
    • Always on
    • Disappear after 15 seconds

Wildcard searching in contacts

You can now use a question mark as a wildcard when searching in contacts to replace characters that are not available on the GTm touch panel keyboard (that is, non-ASCII characters). For example, you can find Stanisław Łukasiński by typing ?ukasi?ski.

Auto answer

Auto answer is available on a per-room system basis for GTm systems that are running GTm version 1.3.1 or later. If you enable auto answer for a meeting room, then incoming calls are automatically answered with no user intervention. To enable auto answer:

  • In Maestro, find a meeting room and go to Manage > General > Edit and select Auto Answer

GTm Endpoint Control API: standby state

The GTm now always returns the standby state. The state now includes tv_standby to allow the enabling/disabling of standbys through the GTm Endpoint Control API if standbys are disabled in Maestro.

Reboot from web interface

To help in certain troubleshooting situations, the web interface of a Maestro-managed GTm will allow a reboot. To access the restart control, enter the configuration password (found in Maestro) to unlock the web interface.

New sharing device support for GTm 5140

GTm 1.3.1 introduces support for an HDMI-to-USB dongle for content sharing to a GTm 5140. Connect the dongle to the USB2 port.

New camera support for GTm 5140

GTm 1.3.1 introduces support for the use of the Logitech MeetUp conference camera with a GTm 5140. When connected, MeetUp acts as camera, microphone, and speaker. It should be connected to the USB2 port. Camera presets are not supported but normal PTZ controls are supported.

Issues resolved

Bug fixes effective in StarLeaf GTm version 1.3.1:

ID Description
8723 In previous releases, after turning off ‘spotlight’ on a particular conference participant, the GTm might use an unexpected conference layout (for example ‘active speaker’ rather than ‘gallery’. GTm 1.3.1 fixes this issue
In previous releases, if you had configured a static gateway for the GTm, re-enabling DHCP did not cause the touch panel to show the new IP address. GTm 1.3.1 fixes this issue
General improvements in security and the application of vulnerability patches
15238 In previous releases a GTm 5140 could, under certain circumstance, fail to restart when upgrading. GTm 1.3.1 fixes this issue
15751 In the previous release, under certain circumstance, adding a second GTm as an ad hoc participant into a scheduled conference could cause the second GTm to stop sending video. GTm 1.3.1 fixes this issue
15963 In previous versions, when sharing a video embedded in MS PowerPoint through a GTm, the video did not get shared. GTm 1.3.1 fixes this issue
16387 Improvements to the speed of IP address acquisition using DHCP
16433 The touch panel end call button now behaves as expected when the keyboard is displayed in the “contacts” menu