Managing the Teamline system

Maestro displays the system status for all rooms on the Meeting Rooms page. The status options are color-coded and labeled in the Status column:

  • Green and OK indicates that the Teamline system is functioning normally
  • Blue indicates that the system is in a transient state within normal operation. Initializing may indicate the system is in the process of upgrading or signing into Skype for Business. New Room indicates that the room has been added but a system has not been connected to the room.
  • Red indicates an issue with the system that needs your attention. For example, the system has failed to sign in to Skype for Business or has failed to upgrade. Disconnected indicates that the system has been disconnected from the room and is currently unusable.

To manage the Teamline system and perform troubleshooting tasks, click Manage to the right of the room entry in the Meeting Rooms table.

Changing the Teamline firmware version

To change the firmware version for the Teamline system, click Manage to the right of the room entry in the Meeting Rooms table. In the Room Management area, select the firmware version from the drop-down list then click Change Firmware Version.

Removing the system from the room

To unpair the system from the room and return it to factory default settings, click Unpair. The touch panel will display the QuickConnect screen.

To remove the room from Maestro after you unpair it from the Teamline system, click Delete.

The Quick-Connect code is displayed on the touchscreen until the system is connected.

Troubleshooting the system

To download diagnostics for the system, click Download Diagnostics. The diagnostics log may be required by StarLeaf support to help you troubleshoot any issues you experience.

Restarting the system

To restart the Teamline system, in the Room Management area, click Reboot.

Using remote control

You can access and control the touchscreen in your meeting rooms to troubleshoot issues before or during meetings, or provide “white-glove service” to the room remotely. Click Start Remote Control. The Touch interface is displayed. For example:

Click the controls on the image in Maestro to access the Touch in the room. Click Open RC Popup to view the remote control image in a new browser window. To finish the remote session, click Stop Remote Control.

Using snapshots

The snapshot feature is not enabled or in Maestro unless it has been configured by StarLeaf with your permission.

Snapshots allow you to capture the current view of the active meeting room camera. This is helpful, for example, if you need to remotely check if a room is empty. To take a snapshot of the room, click Get Snapshot. The image remains on the screen until you navigate away from or refresh the page.

Changing the firmware using a USB drive

If you cannot use the configuration web interface or Maestro, you can upgrade the Teamline system using a USB drive.

  1. Using a FAT-formatted USB drive, download the latest version of the firmware to the drive.
  2. Insert the USB drive into either of the two USB ports on the system. The firmware version will be automatically installed to the system.

If the USB drive cannot be read, the partition on the USB may be set up incorrectly or the drive is corrupted. Download the firmware version on a new FAT-formatted USB drive and try again. If you still experience difficulties upgrading the system, contact StarLeaf Support.

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