Introduction to Maestro

The Maestro management platform enables you to centrally manage your Teamline 5250 and Teamline 5141 room systems. Using the Maestro web interface, you can monitor your meeting rooms at a glance, configure room systems, manage Maestro users, and analyze room data.

Maestro meeting rooms page

Use Maestro to:

  • Manage your meeting rooms: manage existing rooms, add new rooms, and review room system details
  • Manage meeting room locations: edit existing location names and add new locations. These locations specify where the meeting rooms are based, and can be used to group rooms together
  • Manage certificates: add or delete certificates and keep track of certificate details, such as the number of rooms using the certificate and certificate expiry dates
  • Manage your directory: add and edit contacts from outside of your organization in the directory
  • Manage Maestro users: control who has access to Maestro and reset passwords
  • Analyze call records: view active calls and call history details

Enabling Maestro management

To use Maestro to manage your Teamline system:

  1. Enter the IP address of your Teamline system in a web browser.
  2. In the Teamline configuration page, select Hosted to use Maestro to manage Teamline. For information about setting up proxy settings and other configurations, see Configuring Teamline 5250 or Configuring Teamline 5141.
  3. Contact Teamline support to set up a Maestro account for your organization.

Logging in to Maestro

After the Maestro account has been set up, a verification email is sent containing a link to activate the account and set a password. In the account verification email, click the link to activate the account and open the Maestro site. Enter a password then enter it again to confirm the password, and click Set password and sign in.

If Microsoft 365 account log in has been enabled for your organization by Teamline, users will be prompted to enter their Microsoft Office 365 credentials when they log in to Maestro. In the account verification email, click the link to activate the account then click Sign in on the Maestro site. Enter the Office 365 email address and click Next. A Permissions requested window may be displayed the first time users log in. In this case, click Accept to complete the sign in process.

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