The Teamline system registers with your Skype for Business or Teams server in the same way as a Skype for Business or Teams client on any device. When troubleshooting the Teamline system, log into a Skype for Business client with the same credentials on a computer in the same network as the Teamline system. If you encounter the same issue, it may be the result of network misconfiguration.

For information about troubleshooting Skype for Business issues, see the following articles on the Microsoft site: Troubleshoot connection issues in Skype for Business and Troubleshoot audio and video in Skype for Business

After making any configuration changes, you must reboot the Teamline system. For more information about restarting the system, see the Managing room settings topic.

Symptom Cause


Audio is not working on the Teamline 5141 system The display is connected to the wrong HDMI connector If you are using one display, connect it to the HDMI connector on the left hand side (closest to the power connector)
Touchscreen displays a Quick-Connect code The Touch is not paired with the Teamline system Manually pair the Touch with the system as described in Configuring Teamline 5141 or Configuring Teamline 5250

Touchscreen does not display Skype for Business credentials

The DNS server cannot resolve the Skype for Business server

Ensure your Skype for Business domain is resolvable from the network in which the Teamline system is connected. If using a static IP, ensure the correct DNS server is selected

Touchscreen does not display Skype for Business credentials

Incorrect certificate uploaded to the Teamline system

Refer to Managing certificates for more information about the certificate

The Teamline system takes a long time to log in Multiple devices are logged in with the same credentials The Teamline system does not support this. Log out any other devices that are using the same Skype for Business credentials

Credentials appear and disappear from the touchscreen

Multiple devices are logged in with the same credentials

The Teamline system does not support this. Log out any other devices that are using the same Skype for Business credentials

Scheduled meetings are not displayed on the touchscreen

The Teamline system cannot connect to the Exchange server. The Exchange server auto discovery failed or an authentication problem occurred

This can be caused by uploading a user certificate rather than a server certificate on the Teamline system.

The Exchange server must be accessible to the Teamline system even if they are on different LANs. If it is accessible, this issue may be caused by another network misconfiguration.

Request a root certificate from the Certification Authority that issued the certificates for your deployment and upload it to the system.

There is no Join now tile for active meetings and the no scheduled meetings tile is displayed

The Skype for Business meeting invitation is from an external organization. The external organization’s Skype for Business deployment is not configured to allow inter-organization meeting notifications to work correctly. The same issue occurs if you log in to a Skype for Business client on a computer or other device with the same credentials as the Teamline system. In this case, the meeting is not available on the meetings tab


Microsoft Exchange is not configured correctly

There is a setting on the Skype for Business server that controls whether or not meeting URLs are included in invitations that are sent to other organizations. If there is no meeting URL, the meeting cannot be joined from the Teamline system.

Unable to upgrade the Teamline firmware using USB The USB format is not supported When upgrading from USB, the drive must be formatted to NTFS, and not FAT32
Cannot share content in meetings

If you are in a Skype for Business meeting and are unable to present content and the share my PC screen option on the Touch is inactive, the Skype for Business Allowed Presenters option in Outlook may be incorrect

If you are in a Teams meeting, you must use the Teams app to share content. Content cannot be shared from the Touch

For Skype for Business meetings, the meeting owner can change the presenter option to the appropriate setting. In the Outlook calendar, open the meeting and click Meeting Options. In the Permissions window, set Who’s a presenter? to the applicable group or person.

Refer to Sharing content for more information

Contacting Support

Support may require the diagnostics log to help you troubleshoot any issues.

To download the diagnostics log:

  1. In Maestro, click Rooms then select the relevant meeting room.
  2. From the Options menu, select Download Diagnostics.
    An encrypted .zip.gpg file is downloaded.

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