Teamline 1.4.6 Release Notes


These release notes provide you with information about the 1.4.6 release of the firmware for Teamline.

For information about installing Teamline products, see Installing.


To have this firmware enabled for your organisation please contact Teamline support.

To upgrade the Teamline firmware on your system, refer to Managing the Teamline system.

New features in Teamline firmware 1.4.6

Support for joining Pexip CVI meetings from the Touch

Pexip CVI meetings for Microsoft Teams can now be joined using the join now tile on the Touch. These meetings are displayed on the Touch and room display when they are active and upcoming, in the same way as Skype for Business meetings.

Microsoft Teams functionality is no longer available as of May 2020, for further information please contact Teamline support.

Issues resolved

The following fixes have been provided in this release:

ID Description
25847 Audio output on Teamline 5141 does not start following a firmware upgrade

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