Teamline 1.4.2 Release Notes


These release notes provide you with information about the 1.4.2 release of the firmware for Teamline. This general release replaces the beta firmware version 1.4.1.

For information about installing Teamline products, see Installing.


To upgrade the Teamline firmware on your system, refer to Managing the Teamline system .

New features in Teamline firmware 1.4.2

The following new features are introduced in this release:

Support for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams functionality is no longer available as of May 2020, for further information please contact Teamline support.

Teamline now supports Microsoft Teams incoming and outgoing calls, and Teams meetings can be joined from the Touch in the meeting room.

For this release, to enable Teams connectivity to your Teamline system:

  1. In the Microsoft Teams admin center, enable Islands coexistence mode for the room account.
  2. In the Meeting Rooms page in Maestro, click Manage next to the appropriate room. Ensure you are running Teamline firmware version 1.4.2 or later and that the Teamline system is signed in to Skype for Business.
  3. Click the Teams tab, click Edit and enter the email address and password for the room account.
  4. In the General tab, select Teams from the Outgoing calls will use drop-down list.
  5. Click Apply to save all changes.

To share content, add or remove participants, or mute and unmute participants, connect to the meeting using the Teams app on a laptop.

Current limitations

  • The Teamline system must be signed in to Skype for Business
  • In Maestro, outgoing calls must be set to Teams to call other Teams contacts
  • The directory on the Touch uses the Skype for Business call directory, not the Teams directory
  • The Teams account sign in status is not displayed on the Touch

Pronto for content sharing

Pronto allows users to quickly and easily share content from devices (such as laptops) in the meeting room. Pronto connects directly from the rear of the Teamline system to the user’s device using a USB-A cable:

Image showing the Pronto cable for sharing content Image showing the Pronto cable connected to a laptop

The first time users plug the Pronto cable in, instructions are shown on the room display:

Image showing the sharing instructions for Pronto

When the Pronto app is launched, the presentation source screen is shared to the room on the display and active meetings are displayed as a Join now tile on the Touch and on the room display. Future meetings in the user’s Outlook calendar that start within the next 15 minutes are displayed on the Touch and are visible on the room display. On subsequent connections using Pronto, the app does not need to be launched and content and meetings are shared immediately with the room.

Support for the Logitech Rally camera and audio system

The Logitech Rally camera (and if purchased, the Rally audio system) can now be used with the Teamline system.

Support for joining Zoom and Webex meetings from the Touch

Zoom and Webex meetings can now be joined using the join now tile on the Touch. These meetings are displayed on the Touch and room display when they are active and upcoming, in the same way as Skype for Business meetings.

Issues resolved

The following fixes have been provided in this release:

ID Description
15238 The Teamline system does not reboot correctly in certain circumstances
18541 In the Teamline configuration web interface for an unmanaged Teamline system, typing non-ASCII characters in any GTm Configuration fields and saving changes causes a 500 internal server error
19475 If the Logitech Screen Share cable is disconnected and reconnected several times from the Teamline system, the Screen Share device cannot be accessed
20036 During ad hoc meetings, participants cannot be removed using the Endpoint Control API kick_participant action
20045 If a scheduled meeting is in progress and the Teamline system is rebooted, the room availability on the display does not update to show that the meeting has ended
20384 When accessing the Teamline configuration web interface using Firefox, the fields must be clicked to enter each digit of the quick connect code
20411 On the Touch, when searching for a contact that has been added using the Maestro directory page, the contact can only be found using the first name or the last name, not both. If a space is added after the first name, the contact does not appear in the search.

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