Teamline 1.3.27 Release Notes


Teamline firmware version 1.3.27 replaces the beta version of 1.3.25, and is effective from February 2019. These release notes provide you with information about the latest upgrade to the firmware for Teamline by StarLeaf.

Installation and documentation

For information about installing Teamline products and using the Maestro management platform, go to the Teamline Knowledge Center .


To upgrade the Teamline firmware on your system, refer to Managing the Teamline system .

New features

This release provides support for two StarLeaf microphones with Teamline 5140 systems. In previous versions, only one microphone was supported.

Issues resolved

The following improvements and fixes have been provided in this release:

ID Description
17394 On Teamline 5140 systems, the Touch periodically disconnects from the system
19138 Improved performance when using 4k screens
19240 If auto-answer is set on the Teamline system and a second call comes in, both calls become inaccessible
19241 On the Touch, if the directory is displayed and an incoming call is automatically answered, the far end video is not shown until users navigate to another panel on the touchscreen
19340 Logitech dongle performance issues with audio
19604 Far end video appears zoomed in during calls
19663 Audio service stability improvement. In previous versions, echo and loss of lip-sync occurred in certain circumstances
19683 If WiFi is disabled on Maestro when a device is being shared to the Teamline system using Miracast, a pink screen is displayed
19697 Audio service stability improvement. In previous versions, audio was occasionally unavailable until the Teamline system was rebooted.
19700 In Maestro, if the XLR Gain for third-party microphones is set above 4 dB, the Line-In Gain resets itself to 0.0
19785 When using the Logitech Meetup camera, the mute button on the camera does not toggle the mute function on the Teamline system, and vice versa

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