Teamline 1.3.20 Release Notes


These release notes provide you with information about the latest upgrade to Teamline.

Installation and documentation

For information about installing Teamline products and using the Maestro management platform, go to the Teamline Knowledge Center .


To upgrade the Teamline firmware on your system, refer to Managing the Teamline system.

New features in Teamline 1.3.20

The following new features are introduced in this release:

  • Mute notification shown on room displays
  • Audio is muted when Auto Answer is enabled
  • Improvements to the touchscreen navigation when making a call
  • Video can be sent when joining meetings with a conference ID

Mute notification on the room display

When you mute the microphone in the room during a meeting, is shown at the bottom of the display.

Audio is muted when automatic answer is enabled

In Maestro, the Auto Answer setting now mutes the room microphone when calls are automatically answered by the Teamline system. The room will answer incoming calls after a few seconds, and participants can choose if and when to enable audio during the call.

Touchscreen directory improvements

The company directory is now displayed by default when you tap make a call on the touchscreen. A tap search to start message is displayed on the company directory tab to assist users to search for contacts.

Video support when joining meetings with a conference ID

In previous releases, participants could join Skype for Business using a conference ID through the audio conferencing service with audio only. In this release, participants can now send video content to the Teamline system.

Issues resolved

The following fixes and improvements have been provided in Teamline version 1.3.20:

ID Description
17641 This release provides improvements to proxy configuration validation
17980 If the Teamline system signs out of Skype for Business due to environmental conditions, the system fails to sign back in
18175 Traditional and Simplified Chinese text strings overrun tabs on the touchscreen interface
18247 This release provides improvements to the audio service
18267 After a call has ended, Miracast does not disconnect and a pink screen is displayed until the Teamline system is rebooted
18294 When a meeting is joined, the touchscreen does not correctly indicate that audio is muted
18385 Miracast disconnects on laptops and displays
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