Maestro May 2019 Release Notes

What’s new in Maestro May 2019?

Learn about the latest upgrade to the Maestro management platform for Teamline. This is release is effective from May 2019.

For more information about configuring your Teamline system through the Maestro management platform, see Introduction to Maestro.

New features in Maestro May 2019

Events log

Events are displayed in a table at the bottom of the meeting room Manage page. You can filter events by time or type, and you can receive email alerts for these events.

Email notifications

When a room goes offline (for example if a firmware upgrade fails, the system is disconnected, or Skype for Business and Teams sign in fail), notifications can be emailed to Maestro administrators. Notifications are enabled in the Email Preferences page. A daily email summary can be sent at a specified time or alerts as events occur can be sent immediately. In this release, email notifications are not enabled by default. To enable this feature, contact StarLeaf.

Organize rooms by regions

On the Locations page, you now group locations (for example, cities) into regions (for example, countries.) This allows you to organize rooms and configure Maestro administrator permissions based on region and location.

Additional user and role permissions

In the Maestro Users page, you can specify an account type when you add new users or edit existing users. Account types are: global administrators (manage everything in Maestro), regional administrators (manage one or more regions and within those regions, manage locations, rooms, and users), and users (assigned one or more roles for specified locations.)

In the Maestro Roles page, create roles and apply one or more actions, then assign these roles to users. For example, you can create a Room Admin role with permission to manage meeting room settings such as call records, Touch remote control, and firmware changes. Roles can then be selected when you add or edit regional administrators and users.

Touchscreen remote control

You can access and control the touchscreen in your meeting rooms using Maestro. This can be used to troubleshoot issues before or during meetings, or provide “white-glove service” to the room remotely. In the Meeting Rooms page in Maestro, click Manage next to the appropriate room, then click Start Remote Control.

Speaker muting

When the volume on the Touch is at the lowest setting, the speakers and ringer are still audible by default. The Allow muting speakers audio setting switches all sound off when the volume is adjusted to the lowest setting.

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