Viewing the dashboard

The dashboard is displayed after you log into Maestro. It provides a snapshot of your entire region or location (depending on your Maestro administrator permissions.) The interactive data on this page gives you insight on your room usage and call analytics, and notifies you of room issues using real-time alerts. For example:

Screenshot showing the Maestro dashboard

The metrics at the top of the page summarize meeting room statuses: the total number of rooms in Maestro, how many rooms are connected and disconnected, the number of rooms that are unconfigured and have not been set up with a Teamline system, and rooms with errors. Click the Rooms metric to view all meeting rooms in your organization, Connected or Disconnect to view a list of rooms that are connected to or have been disconnected from the Teamline system, Unconfigured to view a list of rooms that have not been connected to a Teamline system, and Errors to view a list of rooms containing any connectivity errors.

Additionally, the dashboard metrics show your call data summary: the total number of calls that have been made by all rooms and the average length of the calls made. This data can be refined by a date range: the past 30 days, 90 days, or all dates. Further call analysis is shown in the Call Types, Call Locations, and Calls by Room graphs. Hover the mouse over the graphs to display more information.

In the Alerts area, disconnected are displayed in real-time, allowing you to quickly identify any rooms that may need your attention. Click a notification to open the corresponding room overview page or click View all to open the Meeting Rooms page.

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