Using roles

Roles specify the actions users can perform in Maestro. You must create one or more roles before you can add a User account type.

The Roles page displays all roles that have been created for your organization, with information about regions, locations, room access, actions, and whether or not users can access call records and history. The number of users per role is also shown.

Creating roles

To create a role:

  1. Click Management and select Roles. Click Add Role.
  2. Enter a name in the Role Name field.
  3. Select a region and location from the lists.
  4. In the Room Options area, select View rooms and settings to restrict the role to viewing rooms only or select Manage rooms and settings to allow users in the location to change room details and settings.
  5. In the Call Records and Audit History area, select Call records to allow users to view call records for rooms in the location and/or History to allow users to view the audit history for the location.
  6. In the Meeting Room Actions area, you can allow users to access specific tasks, such as remote control, room snapshots, reboot or unpair Teamline systems, download diagnostic logs, and/or change the Teamline firmware.
  7. Click Add Role.

The role can now be assigned to Maestro users.

Assigning roles

To assign roles to users:

  1. Click Management and select Users.
  2. Edit or create a new user then select the User account type in the Edit or Add User panel.
  3. Select one or more roles from the list and click Add User or Edit User.
  4. Users are displayed in the Users table with details about the roles that are assigned to each user.

Cloning roles

You can copy existing roles to another location within the same region.

To clone a role:

  1. Next to the role you want to clone, click Clone icon
  2. Select a location.
  3. Click Clone Role.

The role is added to the location.

Editing and deleting roles

To edit a role, click Edit icon and amend the settings as needed, then click Edit Role. To delete a role, click next to the role and click Delete to confirm.

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