Managing and troubleshooting the Teamline system

Maestro displays the system status for all rooms on the dashboard and the Rooms page. On the dashboard, the Alerts area lists rooms that have been disconnected from Maestro. On the Rooms page, rooms that indicate that they have Disconnected indicates an issue with the system that needs your attention. For example, if the Teamline system has failed to sign in to Skype for Business or has failed to upgrade.

To manage the Teamline system and perform troubleshooting tasks, either click an alert in the dashboard or select a room in the Rooms page, then click Options at the top of the page.

Downloading diagnostics

Teamline Support may require the diagnostics log to help you troubleshoot any issues. To download these diagnostics, select a room, click Options, then select Download diagnostics. An encrypted .zip.gpg file is downloaded and can be attached to a Support ticket. To contact Support and attach the diagnostics file, go to:

Downloading the call history

To download the call history for a room, click Options and select Download call history. The call_records.csv file is saved to your default download directory.

Restarting the system

To restart the Teamline system, click Options and select Reboot.

Removing the system

To unpair the system from the room and return it to factory default settings, click Options and select Unpair. The Touch will display the Quick-Connect code until the system is connected. To remove the system from the room after you unpair it, click Delete.

Troubleshooting the room

On the dashboard, the Alerts area is updated in real-time to notify you when a room has disconnected from Maestro. For more information, see Viewing the dashboard.

To troubleshoot meetings remotely, you can access the Touch to control the panel as you would in the room. For more information, see Using remote control .

If it has been enabled by Teamline, you can retrieve a snapshot from the active camera in the room. This can be used, for example, to check if the room is empty. For more information, see Using Snapshots in the Meeting room overview topic

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