Meeting room overview

Click Rooms to display all meeting rooms you have permission to view in Maestro. The Meeting Rooms page shows room information as a grid, for example:

Meeting room example page

or as a list:

Screenshot of meeting rooms shown as a list

In the View as options, select List or Grid to switch views. You can search for a specific room by typing part of all of a room name in the Search Room Name field.

Wildcards are not supported.

You can sort the results in the room table by room name, location, region, type, Teamline firmware version, status, and total number of calls. In list view, to sort results by category in ascending or descending order, click the up or down arrow next to the appropriate heading in the table. To refine the results, click a category in the Filter By list, then select an option from the list. To clear individual filters, click the x next to the filter name or you can Clear all filters.

Managing rooms

On the Rooms page, select a room to view details and manage the room. The Overview page is displayed. For example:

Screenshot of the room overview page

The Overview page shows details about the Teamline system in the room and contains links to change the Teamline firmware, certificates used in the room, and the audio input.

From this page, you can click the tabs to manage:

Editing room details

To edit the name or location of the meeting room, click Edit icon next to the room name. Enter a name in the Room name field and select a location from the Room location list. Click Edit Room to save your changes.

To open the location page, click the location link under the room name at the top of the page.

Using snapshots

The snapshot feature is not available in Maestro unless it has been enabled by Teamline with your permission.

Snapshots allow you to capture the current view of the active meeting room camera. This is helpful, for example, if you need to check if a room is empty.

To take a snapshot of the room, click Snapshot icon The image remains on the screen until you click X on the panel or refresh the page.

Adding room notes

Click Note icon to add and view notes that are visible to all Maestro administrators who have permission to manage the room. These notes can be useful to pass along information such as ambient noise issues that may affect audio quality or to highlight changes made to the room. To finish adding a note, click Update. When a note is added, it’s displayed at the top of the Room Notes panel with the name of the user who created the note and the date and time the note was added. For example:

Screenshot of the panel to add room notes

To delete a note, click next to the room note.

Troubleshooting and managing the Teamline system

Click Options to download diagnostics, download call history, reboot, unpair, and disconnect the Teamline system. For more information, see Managing the Teamline room system.

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