Changing display backgrounds

The display in the meeting room shows the room schedule and availability on a default background image. This background can be customized with an uploaded .jpg format image. The selected image will be used as the background for all displays in your organization, or can be set to the background for all rooms in a specified region.

To add a background image:

  1. Click Management and select Room Backgrounds.
  2. Click Upload Background then either drag and drop an image or click to browse to an image location. If you are browsing to an image, select the file and click Open. The image must be .jpg format, 1920×1080 pixels, and no larger than 1MB.
  3. Click Upload. The image is added to the Backgrounds page.
  4. In the Set the meeting room background for list, select either the entire organization or a region.
  5. Under the image, click Set as background.

The new image is used on room displays across the entire organization or a region. Up to five images can be stored in the backgrounds gallery.

Image of the Backgrounds page in Maestro

To change to another uploaded image, click Set as background below the image. To delete uploaded images, click Image of the delete iconon the image.

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