Adding and deleting rooms

Click Rooms to add meeting rooms to the organization, region, or location, depending on your administrator settings.

To add a meeting room:

  1. In the Meeting Rooms page, click Add Room at the top of the page. The Add Room panel is displayed:
  2. Panel to add a new room

  3. Enter the name of the meeting room in the Room name field. This name is used to identify the room in Maestro.
  4. From the Room location list, select the location of the meeting room. If you have not yet set up any locations, Default is used; you can set the location later. For more information on adding locations, see Managing locations.
  5. Enter the Skype for Business address for the Teamline system in the Sign in email address field.
  6. Optionally, enter the Username associated with the Skype for Business account. This can be left blank if you are a Microsoft Office 365 user.
  7. Enter the Password for the Skype for Business account.
  8. On-premise Skype for Business accounts must contain a sign-in address, user name, and password.

  9. To duplicate settings from another room that has been previously added to Maestro, click Clone existing room set-up and select a room from the Room to clone list.
  10. Select the model of your Teamline system.
  11. Click Add Room. The Quick-Connect code is displayed in the panel. For example:
    Quick-Connect Code example
  12. If you close the panel, the code is displayed at the top of the room page.
  13. Locate the IP address for the Teamline system. On the Touch 2035 double-tap Home icon on the Touch or on the Teamline Touch double-tap the home screen to view settings, then tap networking to view the IP address.
  14. Open another browser window and enter the IP address displayed on the Touch.
  15. Enter your Quick-Connect code and click Ok:

The system is now connected to the meeting room. For information about configuring room settings, see Managing the room.

Deleting rooms

To delete a room:

  1. On the Rooms page, select the room you want to delete.
  2. Ensure the room has been unpaired from the Teamline system. If the room has not been unpaired, click Options and select Unpair, then click Unpair again to confirm.
  3. Click Options and select Delete, then click Delete to confirm.

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