Before you install the camera, read the following safety information:

  • Do not subject the camera to rain or moisture
  • To prevent electric shock, do not remove screws or covers of the camera. There are no self-serviceable parts. Refer to qualified service personnel for servicing
  • Do not operate under unspeci fied temperature, humidity or power supply
  • Use the soft dry cloth to clean the camera. If the camera is very dirty, clean it with diluted neutral detergent; do not use any type of solvent, which may damage the surface
  • The installation must be performed by qualified service personnel or system installers in accordance with all local rules
  • Do not move the camera head manually. Doing so results in the camera malfunctioning
  • Before powering the camera, check the power voltage carefully. Ensure you are using the correct power source
  • Ensure that the camera is far away from areas where there might be radiation, x-rays, or strong electric waves, or where magnetism is generated

To install the camera:

  1. Connect the supplied HDMI-HDMI cable to the HDMI connector on the camera. Connect the other end to the Camera-In HDMI connector on the Teamline system.
  2. Connect the supplied VISCA camera control cable to the RS-232 IN connector on the camera. Connect the other end to the VISCA connector on the Teamline system.
  3. Connect power to the DC 12V power input on the back of the camera.

The selector switches on the rear of the camera have no effect on the operation of the camera.

Maximum field of view at 2m

Dimensions and mounting for VHD-V61

The following images details the dimensions of the VHD camera in millimeters: