The following cameras are supported with the Teamline 5140 system:

Details Logitech BRIO VHD-V71 Logitech MeetUp

Use case Very small to small meeting rooms for 1 – 4 people Small to large meeting rooms Very small to small meeting rooms for 1 – 4 people
Video quality Excellent Excellent Excellent
Low light capability Good Very good Very good
Supported maximum resolution 720p30 720p30 720p30
PTZ Digital PTZ Digital zoom, motorized PT
Horizontal field of view 90° 72.5° 120°
Upside-down mounting
Optical zoom 12x
Video connection USB USB USB
Camera control connection USB (same as for video) USB (same as for video) USB (same as for video)
(W x H x D)
102 x 27 x 27 mm

128.5 x 118 x 156.2 mm

Note: Maximum height is 175mm during startup sequence

400 x 104 x 85 mm

Shelf dimensions

  Logitech BRIO and MeetUp VHD-V71

Dimensions of required mounting shelf

Not required (can mount
directly on display)

150 x 175 x 200 mm
(to accommodate connected cables and start up sequence)

Setting up the Logitech MeetUp camera

Camera presets are not supported for the MeetUp camera; however, you can use the camera controls on the Touch. To ensure that the camera controls function correctly, the MeetUp must be running the latest version of the camera firmware.

To upgrade the MeetUp firmware:

  1. Connect the MeetUp to a power source and to your PC.
  2. Navigate to the Logitech download site at:
  3. Download and install the firmware upgrade.
  4. Reconnect the camera to the Teamline system and reboot the system.

The MeetUp has built-in audio. At this time, the StarLeaf microphone will not function when this camera is connected to the Teamline system.

Installing cameras

For information about installing and using Logitech cameras, refer to the Logitech web site .

For information about installing the VHD-V71 camera, see Installing the VHD-V71 camera on the Teamline Knowledge Center.

Examples of the maximum field of view

Logitech BRIO 1.5m

Field of view diagram for the Logitech Brio camera

VHD-V71 at 2m

Field of view diagram for the VHD-V71 camera

Logitech MeetUp at 2m

Field of view diagram for the Logitech MeetUp camera