Before you install Teamline 5250

Before installing the Teamline system, read the Teamline 5250 safety and compliance information.


Ensure you have:

  • One or two commercial displays that support a 1080p60 input format

Interlaced input is not supported.

  • Displays with an audio-output capability and a spare HDMI input. If the displays have Game Mode or PC Mode, enable one of these options to reduce media processing delays and improve video experience
  • A camera
  • Microphone(s)

Skype for Business, Teams, and Exchange requirements

The Teamline system supports:

  • Lync 2010 Server
  • Lync 2013 Server

If the deployment is not a Lync 2013 server, ensure that the Lync 2013 user interface is enabled.

  • Skype for Business 2015 Server
  • Skype for Business Online
  • Exchange 2010 SP2 Server
  • Exchange 2013 Server
  • Exchange Online

Teamline systems require a room resource mailbox in Exchange and a Skype for Business user account that is associated with the room. For more details about provisioning room system accounts, refer to Provisioning Skype Room System accounts in Office 365 on the Microsoft website.

To set up the room for Skype for Business:

  1. Identify the resource room mailbox in Exchange or create a new resource mailbox.
  2. Connect to Exchange Online PowerShell to set or create the mailbox account. For instructions on connecting to Exchange Online PowerShell, refer to the Microsoft website at: Connect to Exchange Online PowerShell
  3. Assign a Skype for Business Online license. You can then log in using Skype for Business to validate that the account is active.
  4. Check the Get-CalendarProcessing calendar processing options for the room mailbox as follows:
  • Meeting invitation emails sent to Teamline systems must contain the attachments created by the calendar event. Otherwise, the Join Now tile will not be displayed and meetings cannot be joined using the touchscreen. Automatic email responses may delete attachments; ensure automatic responses are configured to keep attachments.
  • The Teamline room display shows the titles of upcoming meetings. By default, the organizer’s name in the Exchange calendar is displayed as the meeting title. To display the meeting title in the room, set AddOrganizerToSubject and DeleteSubject to False. For more information, see this Microsoft article .

To enable Teams connectivity:

  1. In the Microsoft Teams admin center, enable Islands coexistence mode for the room account.
  2. In the Rooms page in Maestro, select the appropriate room. Ensure you are running Teamline firmware version 1.4.1 or later and that the Teamline system is signed in to Skype for Business.
  3. Click Settings then select Teams. Enter the email address and password for the room account. Click Update to save your changes.
  4. In the General tab, select Teams from the Outgoing calls options.
  5. Click Update to save changes.

Current limitations

  • The Teamline system must be signed in to Skype for Business
  • In Maestro, outgoing calls must be set to Teams to call other Teams contacts
  • The directory on the Touch uses the Skype for Business call directory, not the Teams directory
  • The Teams account sign in status is not displayed on the Touch
  • In this release, the following features are not supported on the Touch:
    • Adding participants to a call
    • Sharing content into a call
    • Removing participants from a meeting
    • Muting and unmuting participants

    You can perform these tasks using the Teams app on a laptop connected to the meeting.

On premise requirements

For on-premise deployments, if the Skype for Business server certificates were issued by a private certificate authority, ensure you have the certificate of the Root Certificate Authority and any intermediate certificates. For more information, see How to export Root Certification Authority Certificates on the Microsoft website.

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