Teamline 5250

These topics provide information about installing and configuring the Teamline 5250 room system.

Topics at a glance

  • Before you install Teamline 5250
    Read this topic first. Prerequisites and requirements for room peripherals, Skype for Business, and Exchange
  • About the Teamline 5250 system
    Learn about the connectors on the room system and system dimensions to help you plan your room installation
  • Connecting to peripherals
    How to position, mount, and connect peripherals such as the Teamline system, cameras, displays, and microphones
  • Configuring the room system
    Use the web interface to connect the Teamline system to the Maestro management platform, configure a proxy server, change system settings, and use a static IP address
  • Advanced settings
    How to enable settings that are less common, such as configuring EAP authentication
  • Ports and protocols
    Details of the ports and protocols used by the Teamline system
  • LED behavior
    An explanation of the status lights on the Teamline system and StarLeaf Touch
  • Safety and compliance
    Guidelines about setting up the Teamline system safely, and details about system approval information for Europe and North America
  • Cameras
    Features and comparisons of supported cameras, and installation instructions
  • Microphones
    StarLeaf microphone features and placement recommendations for Teamline room setups
  • Cables
    Recommendations and guidelines for HDMI, XLR, USB, camera, and VISCA cables

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