About the Teamline 5141 system

The Teamline 5141 system is an inline replacement for the Teamline 5140 system. For more information about the 5140 end of life schedule, see theTeamline 5140 Meeting Room Codec End of Life Schedule PDF.

The following figure shows the connectors on the rear of the Teamline system:

Image of the back of the 5141 system

  Connector Description
1 Power A DC +19V power connector. The system automatically adjusts to the supply voltage. At this time, you must supply a C5 cloverleaf cord to connect the Teamline system to the mains power. Connect all other cables before connecting the power
2 Display 1 HDMI connector. If you are using one display, connect it to this connector. Audio emits from the display connected to this connector only
3 Network 10/100/1000 Mbit/s auto-sensing Ethernet port. Connect to the network
4 USB 3.0 Two USB 3.0 connectors
5 Display 2 HDMI connector. If you are using a second display, connect it to this connector. Audio will not emit from the display connected to this connector
6 & 7 USB 2.0 Three USB 2.0 connectors


The Teamline 5141 system is designed so that it doesn’t need to be rack mounted; however, it can be wall mounted or mounted to the back of your display. For more information, see Mounting the Teamline 5141 system.

If you are using wireless (for example, Miracast) to connect devices to present content in meetings, ensure the system is not enclosed in a rack or behind a display. Otherwise, the wireless signal may not function.

Graphic showing the dimensions of the Teamline 5141

Dimension Metric Imperial
Width 142 mm 5.6 in
Depth 142 mm 5.6 in
Height 54 mm 2.13 in

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