Teamline 5141

The Teamline 5141 system is an inline replacement for the Teamline 5140 system. For more information about the 5140 end of life schedule, see the Teamline 5140 Meeting Room Codec End of Life Schedule PDF.

These topics provide information about installing and configuring the Teamline 5141 room system.

Topics at a glance

  • Before you install Teamline 5141
    Read this topic first. Prerequisites and requirements for room peripherals, Skype for Business, and Exchange
  • About the Teamline 5141 system
    Learn about the connectors on the room system and system dimensions to help you plan your room installation
  • Connecting to peripherals
    How to position, mount, and connect peripherals such as the Teamline system, cameras, displays, and microphones
  • Configuring the room system
    Use the web interface to connect the Teamline system to the Maestro management platform, configure a proxy server, change system settings, and use a static IP address
  • Ports and protocols
    Details of the ports and protocols used by the Teamline system
  • System LED behaviorAn explanation of the status lights on the Teamline system and Touch
  • Safety and compliance
    Guidelines about setting up the Teamline system safely, and details about system approval information for Europe and North America
  • Cameras
    Features and comparisons of supported cameras, and installation instructions
  • Microphones
    StarLeaf microphone features and placement recommendations for Teamline room setups
  • Cables
    Recommendations and guidelines for HDMI, USB, camera, and VISCA cables

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