Teamline 5250 microphone placement

Teamline systems provide class-leading super-wideband audio to rooms of all sizes; however, to ensure this audio performance, you must use the correct number of microphones in the correct places for a given room. This topic helps you to configure your microphones with the Teamline system.

The 5250 system is shipped with a StarLeaf microphone. Features include:

  • Omni-directional pick up pattern
  • 80Hz – 16kHz frequency response
  • > 70dB signal-to-noise ratio
  • Boundary mode operation
  • XLR connection. (XLR plugs on the microphone cables are ‘male’)
  • Mute button with dual-colour LED indicator to provide muting control and status
  • 6.5m XLR cable that can be extended by up to 100m
  • Designed to be resistant to RF interference

Graphic showing the dimensions of the StarLeaf microphone

Teamline 5250 systems can provide phantom power through XLR connectors used by active microphones, such as the StarLeaf microphone. The phantom power supply can be enabled or disabled for each XLR connector using the Maestro management platform. For more information about configuring audio in Maestro, see Configuring audio settings in Managing room settings.

It is compatible with active microphones, which are designed for 48V phantom power.

The specifications of the power supply are:

  • Output voltage when operational, no load: 45.3V +/- 4%
  • Output voltage when muted, no load: 35.3V +/- 4%
  • Power output source impedance: 1.975kOhms +/- 2%

The StarLeaf microphone effectively picks up participants of all volumes within a radius of 1.5m (4ft) centered on the microphone:

Diagram of the StarLeaf Telepresence Microphone range

The effective pickup area of the microphone should be considered with the dimensions of the conference table in the meeting room to decide on the correct audio products for this environment.

Up to two microphones are supported for the Teamline 5250 system. If two microphones are used, position them so that the distance between all participants and the closest microphone is minimized. For instance, on a circular table place the microphone in the center of the table. On a large rectangular table measuring 3.6m x 1.2m (12ft x 4ft), place the microphones 1.2m (4ft) apart, 1.2m (4ft) from the ends of the table.

The input sensitivity of the XLR connectors is correct for all StarLeaf microphones, by default.

Example microphone placement

With two Telepresence Microphones:

Image showing the range of two microphones on a rectangular table

Horseshoe table:

Diagram showing the range of two microphones on a horseshoe table

Round table:

Diagram showing the range of one microphone on a round table

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