Cable recommendations for room systems

HDMI cables

For HDMI interfaces and DVI interfaces when used with a digital source, the cable assembly (including any line couplers used) must comply with the requirements of a Category 2 cable as defined in the HDMI specification Version 1.3a.

The maximum length of cable for which these specifications are met depends on the quality of the cable. However, it is unlikely that any cable achieves these specifications at a length greater than 15 meters unless active HDMI/DVI extenders are used. For a given cable quality, the use of passive line couplers reduces the maximum length up to which these requirements are met.

HDMI interfaces are production tested using a 10 meter long cable from the following source: Lindy 10m premium cable

DVI interfaces are production tested using an instance of the 5 meter DVI-I cable supplied with the product.

XLR cables

XLR is not available on Teamline 5141 systems.

StarLeaf supplies standard length XLR cables; however, any good XLR cable works well. Testing at StarLeaf shows good results with up to 100m of high quality cable.

USB cables

USB cables greater than 5 meters (16 feet) in length are not recommended. All USB extenders (such as active USB cables) are not supported by StarLeaf.

Camera cables

Teamline systems that include PTZ cameras are provided with 5 meter connection cables. To install cameras further than 5 meters from the system, you can extend cables using a third-party product called an extender. This product effectively carries the media and camera-control signals across a cat 6 Ethernet cable.

StarLeaf has partnered with Sound Control Technologies to provide this solution, and is available at

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